AIM Altitude is driven by delivering new and innovative solutions to our customers.


That is why we started the development of new galley concepts to bring fresh impetus to a stalled market.

3 Generations of Galley Development

Our innovations are driven by flight research and stakeholder insights from airlines, their on-board and ground crew, and passengers.

Our galleys evolve with each generation along with feedback from our customers. Each generation is shown at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Generation 3: A Galley Refined

This galley shows further refinement as well as some new conceptual ideas and product innovations. In this development phase, AIM Altitude put specific effort into cooperating with other leading businesses to develop enhanced product solutions.

Weight-conscious and future-orientated features were the focus here. Combined with products that have been developed to production standard, this galley shows a wide variety of what AIM Altitude can deliver.

Generation 3: Production-Ready Features

Premium Paddle Latches: an elegant latch mechanism to give the galley a premium feel

Flush Pull-Out Table: A pull-out table that sits flush with the galley work top – simplifying meal prep for crew

Pull-Out Pantry: a customisable feature that is easy and quiet to use. Adaptable for different-use cases such as a pop-up bar or stowage unit, shown here in duty-free display configuration

Generation 3: Offerable Features

Embedded Task Lighting: lighting integrated into the galley to give crew focused work-light where it is needed.

Improved Roller Blind: a newly developed mechanism, focused on robustness and ease of use. A weight-conscious solution to hide galley equipment.

Ice Drawer: an insulated ice drawer with premium latching.

IWG Touchscreen UV Water Dispenser: safe drinking water that can reduce the amount of water bottles/waste, and gives passengers a space-saving destination feature. Furthermore, the touchscreen interface simplifies maintenance for ground crew.

Generation 3: Conceptual Features

Magic Mirror: for seamless integration of digital signage and IFE

Animated RGBW Lighting: a new lighting system that allows bespoke programming of light animations. Shown here behind semi-translucent laminate

Invisible Latching: premium push-in latches that vanish into the door face. Ideal for doors in passenger-oriented environments such as bars and self-service galleys

Generation 2: Creating a Premium Feel

As well as refining many features of our first-generation baseline galley, we also focused on premium features as we saw rising demand in customised galleys to create unique boarding experiences.

Inspired by the appearance of modern kitchen interiors, doors were developed to hide the galley when not in use. All upper doors easily stow away to give crew an efficient work environment.

Generation 2: Premium Feel Features

Fold and Stow Doors for Oven Compartments
Up-and-Over Doors
Animated RGBW Lighting
Premium Paddle Latch Doors
Half-Height Pantry (Shown in Stowage Configuration)

Generation 1: The Baseline Galley

After our initial research, we delved into what a new generation baseline galley should be like.

Our emphasis was upon maintainability, durability and ease of use for crew. Combined with a simple and coherent look as well as updated detailing, this galley concept succeeded in creating a modern interior look.

Generation 1: The Baseline Galley Features

Clip-on Trim
Flush Task Light
Folding Footstep
Flush Pull-Out Table
Removable Shelves
Full-Height Pantry
Replaceable Décor Panels
New Baseline Doors
UV Filter Water Dispenser (IWG)

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