Standard Monuments

We offer a variety of standard monuments, of all sizes, across a wide range of aircraft types with varying levels of customisation and trim finish. AIM Altitude introduces innovative ideas, design solutions, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

From a utilitarian stowage or closet, to a customised multi-functional design, we have the solution for all cabin requirements. Located in many positions within the passenger zones, either under the overhead stowage bins or in full height configuration, stowage and closet systems perform a key role on board both narrow body and wide body aircraft. Using the latest CAD systems, our highly experienced design team maximise the use of space, functionality and aesthetics, enabling airlines to offer their very own brand of service in each cabin class.

Partitions and Cabin Dividers

Partitions should be key airline Brand Elements used to separate cabin products or to separate passenger accommodation from door areas.

They can be full height fixed in a set location or moveable to allow flexible cabin reconfiguration with convertible seats.  AIM Altitude invented and installed the first movable Cabin Dividers for single aisle convertible aircraft in 1982.

As the airline industry embraces more product types (for example kids-free zones, disabled passenger zones) Partitions and Cabin Dividers will have an increasing role to play in many aircraft types”.


Stowage Bins

Stowage bins are an essential part of air travel, catering for passengers’ personal possessions in a safe and contained way.